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CPS Car Turntables Hampshire - Case Studies

driveway turntables Hampshire

A Problem Solved - Luxury Apartment Basement Car Park
Access to 14 Bays Created by CPS Car Turntables Hampshire

This site, which in the distant past was an eye hospital, had to be rebuilt to modern housing requirements and standards. The existing basement car park facility, serviced by a large lift, needed upgrading to accommodate today’s larger vehicles.

The problem being a massive support column too close to the lift! Modern vehicles just could not manoeuvre between the lift and the column – frustratingly leaving many of the 14 parking bays empty.

CPS Car Turntables Hampshire were selected to provide an effective turnaround in the apartment basement. By installing our turntable betwixt lift and column a vehicle could safely rotate and be driven to any of the available spaces.

driveway turntables Hampshire

driveway turntables Hampshire

Safe, Convenient Multi-Car Parking in a Very Restricted Historic Courtyard

A CPS car turntable created the perfect parking solution...

After many years of remote country living Steve, Jayne and family decided to up sticks and return to urban life.

The property that caught their eyes lay within the walls of an ancient, picturesque Sussex town - a delightful setting but not without drawbacks...

The family were enthusiastic motorists, owning a variety of cars including several classic vehicles.

A 3.6M diameter turntable designed and built by CPS Car Turntables Hampshire proved to be the perfect answer.

This installation, by removing visual limitations for the driver whilst reversing, has no doubt drastically reduced the possibility of accidents involving road users and pedestrians.

Incredibly, up to 6 cars were able to manoeuvre and park safely in a very restricted area.

driveway turntables Hampshire

Without a CPS Car Turntable this Prestigious 4 Bedroom
Family Home Would Have Remained an Untended Cabbage Patch

For this particular London development it was literally NO TURNTABLE – NO HOUSE!

This new property with a 1:7 GRADIENT DRIVEWAY onto a busy road and very close to a mini roundabout would without a suitable parking solution never conform to conditions laid down by the Highways Agency, planners and insurers.

To satisfy local planning authorities, the highways department and health and safety issues it is essential for architects and builders to incorporate a LAWFULL off-road parking facility.

CPS Car Turntables Hampshire were invited by the architect to assess practical parking options available to the property.

The perfect solution to the problem was the fitting of a 4.2M diameter push button operated turntable with bound grit non-slip surface.

With planning permission granted the project moved forward and a luxurious quality home was created in a pleasant leafy corner in North London.

driveway turntables Hampshire

For the perfect parking solution, tried and tested, driveway turntables from CPS Car Turntables Hampshire are the answer.

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