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CPS Car Turntables Hampshire - Video Gallery

This video illustrates how a CPS driveway turntable will provide user friendly turnaround in a very narrow space.

A CPS Car Turntable Hampshire provides car turnaround within a 16 foot wide driveway. The owners described this as turning their life around. Before having a car turntable, trying to park their car in a position so that they could easily reverse out was horrendous. The turntable provided lawful off-road parking that increased the property value - an excellent investment!

A CPS driveway turntable fulfills planning issues and health and safety requirements by providing the drive in/drive out facility.

A couple from Berkshire were refused permission by their Council to park in their own driveway because it was too dangerous to reverse from it.

Now they never have to break the law by reversing on to the main road because they have had car turntable fitted in their driveway. They are saving money on their car insurance costs and the turntable has added value to their property.

This video clip illustrates a bicycle
which could so easily have been a child or pet.

The last thing you need is a driveway disaster in the morning. If you can't move your driveway, your driveway can now move to you. Operated by remote control, watch how this driveway turntable made life easier.

Whilst the cat’s away the mice do play!!

driveway turntables Hampshire

For the perfect parking solution, tried and tested, driveway turntables from CPS Car Turntables Hampshire are the answer.

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